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MyGriefCare is created by The Grief & Trauma Healing Network to provide extensive grief support and a wealth of grief resources for grievers.


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Meet Your Guides


Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is a grief specialist, certified in critical incident stress debriefing, a certified trauma-integrative practitioner, 8-time award-winning author on grief, and founder of The Grief & Trauma Healing Network.  As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that grief and loss cause and is living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving. 

Anne-Marie offers life-changing healing retreats for individuals and families and works with people worldwide. She offers crisis grief support for businesses, grief training for therapists and counselors, and speaks on grief wherever she can. She is passionate about advocating for and loving grievers and being an educational catalyst to society on grief and loss.

Ron Gray

Ron Gray is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a grief and trauma specialist, and founder of Christian Grief & Trauma Counseling. Ron’s passion for helping people heal from loss and related trauma reshaped his private practice during recent years, following the loss of his wife to a prolonged fight with cancer.

Ron facilitates grief recovery groups, guides individuals and families through grief and loss healing retreats, is a public speaker focused on bereavement-related topics and helps clients heal from lingering trauma symptoms associated with their deeply personal losses. Ron is also the owner and co-founder of The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center in Orange, California.


“Love all the ways to access the content so I can watch, listen or read depending on how I feel or where I am.”


“Much needed validation and understanding. I am not alone.”


“Opened my eyes to what I need to know about grief.”


“Love the exercises and tools.”


“It’s like you are speaking directly to me. You understand.”


“It felt like you were in the room with me. The next best thing to being with someone in person.”


“ I watched many of the episodes more than once. I don’t feel so alone in my grief.”


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Our mission is to provide grieving people with an on-demand comprehensive grief support program that lessens isolation and encourages hope & healing.