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Mindfulness and Meditation for Grief


Practicing mindfulness means being fully present in the moment. The goal is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and accept them as they are — which can help you manage your emotions, and feel happier and healthier overall.

Please note, MGC cannot vouch for each of these resources, but we encourage you to look around and see which, if any, seem right for you. (blog and meditation)  12-Minute Meditation for Grief and Loss

Coping with Grief  (video meditation) Coping with Grief: Guided Spoken Meditation for healing after a loss of a loved one. Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with your free sleep guided meditation.

Encountering Grief  (video and 10-Minute Guided Meditation) 10 minute meditation. In this guided meditation, they share nourishing wisdom as we face suffering in the world, helping us to find the inner resources to carry our own grief and sadness and that of others.

Grief Haven  (grief meditation)

Guided Meditation for Grief & Healing  (video meditation) There are few emotional states harder to meditate with than grief. In this meditation you’ll work to feel grief as it is without focusing on the details that surround it. By going past the storyline, painful circumstances can become more manageable. If you’re able to simply focus your attention on the breath, I recommend starting with that, as it creates a sense of calm in the body. Learning to sit with and breathe with grief can enable us to see our own power for healing within ourselves.Guided Meditation for Grief & Healing.

Tara Branch Talks on Grief and Loss  Guided meditations.

Guided mindfulness exercises and activities from Kaiser Permanente

Even a few minutes a day of mindful meditation or another mindfulness practice can make a big difference. Find a place, a time, and an approach that fits into your life. Try one of these exercises or activities.


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