My Grief Care

Laughter Is Important for Grievers


We know that laughter is good for us emotionally, mentally and physically.  We don’t laugh much when we are suffering with grief.  But taking a little grief break and feeding yourself with some good feelings can be good.  Often, grievers feel guilty about smiling or laughing as they think it means they don’t miss their loved one or it is disrespectful to them.  But we believe our loved ones want us to have these little breaks.

We welcome any great suggestions you have to help us laugh.

Pranks       Practical Jokes (family members and friends play jokes on each other).

Pranks     “Bushman” (a prankster in a bush costume) scares people on the street.

Laughing Babies    Compilation

More Laughing Babies      Compilation

Dogs and Babies    Compilation

Cats and Dogs

Animal Chases     Animals chasing people and other animals.

Stand Up Comedy    15 minutes of Jim Gaffigan

Stand Up Comedy    Gabriel Iglesias about his experiences in India.