My Grief Care

Questions Grieving Christians Ask

8 Episodes

Episode 1 : Introduction

Introduction to Questions Grieving Christians Ask

Both Anne-Marie and I are Christians. And we have worked with many Christians grieving a loss. So we are somewhat in tune with how other Christians may think about grief and loss. And I felt it was important to address a few of these questions. Some of them may even be pertinent for people who don’t relate to Christianity. Let’s start there. Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you?

  • I’m angry at God because he didn’t answer my prayers and save my loved one.
  • Maybe God isn’t who I thought he was or maybe there is no God.
  • God didn’t keep his promises to answer my prayers.
  • Maybe my prayers aren’t good enough or I’m not good enough..
  • It seems as though God doesn’t love me – so I must have done something wrong.
  • God took my loved one too soon – so frankly I don’t want a relationship with him right now.
  • Perhaps God can’t really heal or protect people.
  • I think I am being punished for my sins, so my loved one’s death is that punishment.
  • A good Christian would be joyful even in the wake of the loss of a loved one.
  • I should be happy knowing that my loved one is now in a better place – but instead I’m devastated.

If you are thinking anything like these statements – you will certainly have questions come up. One question that I had as a grieving Christian is “Why did God save my brother, but not my wife.” Anne-Marie wondered, “Where is God now that I’m in the pit of despair? And ‘why’ did God take my loved one so soon?”  Listen friend. If you are a Christian and you are disheartened about your faith or your relationship with your Heavenly Father, I think that these episodes may hold something specific for you. And, if you aren’t a Christian, you may find something in these episodes that still speaks to you. So, you are welcome to listen whether you follow a different religion, don’t have a specific religious affiliation or if you are an atheist or a nihilist. Perhaps it would be interesting to you to consider how someone who believes differently than you thinks about grief and loss. Or, you can just ignore this series entirely and zero in on something more important to you right now.

By the way, if you have another question you would like to see addressed in the area of spirituality (or any topic associated with grief and loss) please submit your questions via the home page on the website. We love hearing from you.