Dear Friend,

This is not how we thought life would be.  We both suffered the devastating loss of our beloved spouses and couldn’t imagine we would ever recover.  But we did.  And we have worked with countless others to bring them hope and healing after their losses. After serving the grieving community as individuals, we met as professionals, began collaborating, and it unexpectedly led to something more. We married in 2020.

Our greatest joy is supporting and loving the broken hearts created by grief. We’ve been there.  We get you.  And we want to help you. We created MyGriefcare™ online grief support program to provide no cost, easily accesible and comprehensive grief support no matter where you are in your journey.  We hope you'll join us. 

Through our company Grief & Trauma Healing Network, LLC, we offer one-on-one personalized grief counseling and coaching, The Next Chapter - a life-changing healing retreat for widows, family grief orientation sessions and grief training for therapists. 


Anne-Marie Lockmyer & Ron Gray, LMFT