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Episode 4 : The Best Grief Retreat for Widows

Best Grief Retreat for Widows

Grieving widows can find much-needed solace and support with the help of a retreat created by grief specialists and authors Ron Gray, LMFT and Anne-Marie Lockmyer. This retreat is specifically designed to help widows process their grief and create a new life for themselves. Intimate and all-inclusive, this retreat is limited to 4 participants and provides counseling and group sessions, pre-care and preparation exercises, all meals and lodging, activities during the retreat, and two group online after-care group sessions. This life-changing program promises to transform the life of a widow and give them a chance to live again. So, if you’re a widow, take the opportunity to join this retreat and find the comfort you need to move forward.


00:00 Introduction

00:26 Grief Struggles

00:56 Our Expertise

01:19 Retreat Offer

02:17 Retreat Details

03:03 Life After Loss

03:19 Conclusion


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Location: The Haven Retreat Center, Orange, California (Closest airport SNA – Orange County)


These widow retreats are intimate, intensive, and all-inclusive.

💚 We work with only 4 widows!

💚 It is personalized to each widow and you will be with others who “get you.”

💚 Experience a place of safety, acceptance and community. You will not do this alone. We’ve been where you are.Our greatest joy is to guide you on this journey.


Cost includes:

💚 3 nights lodging with private room and private bath

💚 all materials, meals, snacks and activities

💚 pre-retreat prep exercises

💚 intimate group sessions with 3 other widows

💚 private sessions with Anne-Marie or Ron (all grief processing is done privately)

💚 a private 1 hour massage

💚 1 private equine coaching session

💚 1 group equine coaching session

💚 2 online group aftercare sessions


Starts:  Friday 2 pm

Ends: Monday 10:30 am

Limited to 4 spots


Some of our past attendees are still in contact with each other almost 2 years later. It’s a powerful experience!


After losing your spouse, life will be different.  You will be different.  But life can be good and you can be good! We are living proof that you can get through this – that you can thrive and not just survive.  And we get the joy of guiding others through the same transformation.


If you would like to know more, please:

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🌺 email us at and let’s confirm if this is a good fit for you and the right time.

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Thanks for reading!


Pain is real!  But so is hope and healing dear friends! 🙂