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Podcasts for Grief

Please note, MGC cannot vouch for each of these resources, but we encourage you to have a look around and see which, if any, seem right for you.


Mindfulness and Grief  Hosted by author and thanatologist Heather Stang, features compassionate insights for coping with grief and life after loss. Designed for bereaved people and grief professionals, you will learn how a mindful approach to grief can help you deal with difficult emotions, cultivate self-care and self-compassion, and honor the relationship that remains.

Grief Out Loud  Grief Out Loud is opening up this often avoided conversation because grief is hard enough without having to go through it alone. We bring you a mix of personal stories, tips for supporting children, teens, and yourself, and interviews with professionals.

Open to Hope  Feeling discouraged? Relax and tune into the Open to Hope podcast and hear Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley interview guests with inspiring stories about recovery from loss.

What’s Your Grief  In this podcast series Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams, the two mental health professionals behind the grief website What’s Your Grief, seek to leave no stone unturned in demystifying the complicated and sometimes crazy experience of living life after loss.

While We’re Waiting Podcasts FOR bereaved parents BY bereaved parents.

Here After with Megan Devine Get practical insight and advice from psychotherapist and grief advocate Megan Devine

Widowed Mom  A place for those who have lost their significant other and are ready to start the next chapter of their lives. It’s designed to help you move through your grief to grow, evolve and create a future you can actually look forward to!

Widow We Do Now  A surprisingly funny podcast on grief.

Just a Widow Talk  Voices of spouse and partner loss.